Hydraulic Power System and Repair Service

We engineer, design and build complete systems available in multiple configurations, capacities, control options and more. Click here for more information.

Standard Units

1500  psi 2000 psi 3000 psi 4000 psi pump info
HPUP-7.5-7.5-15-30 HPUP-7.5-10-20-30 HPUP-7.5-15-30-30 HPUP-7.5-20-40-30 .75"- 3/16
HPUP-12-15-15-40 HPUP-12-20-20-40 HPUP-12-25-30-40 HPUP-12-40-40-40 7/8"- 1/4 KEY
HPUP-18-20-15-60 HPUP-18-25-20-60 HPUP-18-40-30-60 HPUP-18-50-40-60 1"-1/4" 1.5" LONG
HPUP-30-30-15-100 HPUP-30-40-20-100 HPUP-30-60-30-100 HPUP-30-100-40-100 1-1/4"-5/16 KEY
HPUP-42-50-15-150 HPUP-42-60-20-150 HPUP-42-100-30-150   1-1/2"-3/8" KEY
HPUP-59-60-15-200 HPUP-59-75-20-200 HPUP-59-100-30-200   1-3/4"-7/16" KEY


Part Number Break Down EX: 
Part Number:   HPUP-18-25-20-60
HPUP= Pressure Compensated Piston Pump
18= GPM
25= HP
20 = 2000PSI,  etc.
60 = 60 Gallon Reservoir JIC Type w/cleanout covers & Site Gauge