Generators are important for backing up power…

Generators are important for backing up power…remember the October storm of 2006?

Everyone knows that generators are important, and hoses are an essential part of generators. If a hose malfunctions, the generator won’t be able to operate properly, making you vulnerable during power outages. Anyone who has experienced losing power knows that it’s not just an inconvenience, it’s a serious situation that can put your business at risk. Imagine losing files, data or even contacts because of a power outage. That’s something businesses can’t afford.

When a local business in Buffalo discovered that incorrect hoses were installed on their diesel generator, they knew it needed to be fixed immediately. While the hoses installed may have functioned adequately, they were not up to the standards set by the company to avoid accidents and power loss. This company understood the importance of adhering to these standards, so they went the extra mile and asked PDI to install the correct, specified hoses.
Our team replumbed the system to repair the fuel component of the diesel generator. 


Adaptors were refitted, custom-made hose assemblies were created and installed with the specified hoses, and everything was tested to ensure there wouldn’t be any leaks. By the end of the project, we had engineered an efficient and regulated system that protected the business’ security.


This sort of repair was a new undertaking for us. It opened our eyes to the range of businesses that we can service. PDI is more than tubes and hoses, we create solutions to common problems that all businesses face. We engineer unique systems through our extensive product line and experienced technicians. The ingenuity of our team didn’t just repair a generator, it helped a business remain secure.

This particular company asked to remain anonymous for security reasons, but they gave us permission to discuss the project and share the pictures included.