Buffalo Southern Railroad Praises The PowerHouse

The PowerHouse Idle Reduction Technology
from Power Drives, Inc., DWS-120 Model
Buffalo, NY –  The “Snowvember” storm that plagued the Western New York region in mid-November wreaked havoc across counties and businesses for nearly an entire week. 

And when it was over, we were pleased to receive an interesting story from Patrick Connors, Chief Mechanical Officer of Buffalo Southern Railroad about the PowerHouse DWS-120 unit installed on one of their locomotives: 

“As you are probably aware, Buffalo was pounded with as much at seven feet of snow over a four-day period in November. Our leased-out locomotive #93 sat just inside of that white wall of snow and no one was able to reach it for the duration of the storm,” he stated. “The customer that leases it transloads aggregates from lake to rail there and was awaiting their final shipment of the year.” Patrick continued.  

“I stopped to check the locomotive on Monday afternoon just before the snow started. Once the snow started, it (the locomotive) disappeared,” he said. “The customer had a crew in on Tuesday morning to begin clearing snow, which became a lost cause. Even their massive bucket loaders were no match. In fact, they ended up being stuck in the area for two days. One snow blower crew passed the locomotive on Thursday and he commented that there was no snow at all on the top of #93!”  He went on to say. 

Power Drives is appreciative of the valuable feedback Patrick provided on the test of the PowerHouse unit against the elements.  “Finally by Friday afternoon,” he said “I received a call from the customer stating that #93 still had fuel and the heater was running. When I made it down there over that weekend amongst the mountains of snow, there was no snow around the locomotive! The PowerHouse operated flawlessly throughout the whole storm. We are very happy with the PowerHouse unit.”

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