The PowerHouse™ Idle Reduction Technology from Power Drives, Inc.

Idle reduction technology has been identified as one of the easiest and most effective solutions to reducing noise, fuel costs, and emissions without significantly impacting railroad operations. The PowerHouse™ from Power Drives doesn't reduce idling...


View the PowerHouse™ video to learn about this revolutionary idle reduction technology.

Engineered in collaboration with one of the world’s leading diesel locomotive manufacturers, the PowerHouse™ is designed to heat and circulate water or coolant through a locomotive engine block and cooling system. It will maintain a cooling system temperature of above 100°F even in the coldest weather.

Listen to PowerHouse™ customer testimonials from Brett Taylor of Buckingham Branch Railroad.

The PowerHouse™ from Power Drives is available as a diesel-powered Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), or as a DWS-120 VAC version that operates from an external power source.

Call us at 800-678-1373 to find out how the PowerHouse™ Idle Reduction System can impact your bottom line.

Power Drives has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a SmartWay Verified Technology

Check out the PowerHouse™ Advantages:

  • Smaller and more economical than competitive systems, it pays for itself faster.
  • Choose from self-powered or electric models to fit switchers or most any locomotive.
  • Great for idle control savings and helps to meet environmental objectives.
  • Significantly lower Fuel Consumption.
  • Reduced Air Pollution.
  • Less Engine Noise.
  • Savings on Maintenance.

Call 800-678-1373 or email us with any questions on the PowerHouse Idle Reduction Technology from Power Drives.


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