Extend the Life of Your Locomotive Air Dryer

If you’re not familiar with air dryer systems on locomotives, let’s just say they’re pretty important. Simply put, locomotive air dryers filter and dry air before the air is dispersed through the entire compressed air system on the locomotive and train.

PDI's compressed air water separatorFrom start to finish the whole air system operates like so: An air pump (or compressor) fills the air tank with compressed air. That air is then filtered and dispersed through pipe, which carries air to various, and very important, parts of the locomotive and train. Compressed air controls brakes, safety valves, magnet valves and more.

Failure to properly filter water out of air can result in system failures and decreased efficiency, due to premature failure of the air dryer media, or filter.

Locomotive air dryer replacements can get expensive, but once they start to fail, they need to be replaced immediately. Luckily, we have a preventive solution to this problem: The compressed airBNSF locomotive traveling through the snow water separator.

This proprietary drop-in solution of ours creates a highly effective system, that works in concert with standard locomotive air dryers to remove water from the system for proper locomotive function. The compressed air water separator is located before the air tank.

The compressed air water separator prolongs the life of the air dryer by removing water before it even has a chance to get to the air dryer. Installing a water separator extends the air dryer life interval. Longer life intervals means less time a locomotive is out of service, and more money made. (Because while a locomotive is out of service, there is no money to be made on that locomotive.)

Water in air is an issue, but it doesn’t have to disable your operation. Simply installing one drop-in device can make a world of difference.

For more information on the compressed air water separator or any other locomotive filtration or transference solution, contact Power Drives. We’d be happy to help.