Hose Assemblies: What They Are and How to Make Them

Hoses and assemblies: To many, they are one in the same. But technically, they are quite different.

person holding hydraulic hose assembly

A hydraulic hose is one piece of the puzzle within a hydraulic hose assembly. A hydraulic hose assembly actually consists of a hose and fittings. These fittings are what connect the hose to the other components within a hydraulic system. Hydraulic hose assemblies are made for many applications and are commonly found within the construction, injection molding, material handling and agricultural markets.



Let’s walk through the process of creating a hose assembly: step by step.

Collar Insert

hose collar on a hoseFirst, the technician inserts a hose collar onto one end of the hose. The job of the collar is to hold the whole assembly in place. The technician twists the collar on until the hose is just short of the inside rim of the collar, to leave room for the hose to expand.



Hose Measurement and Cutting

Measuring Hydraulic HoseNext, the technician measures the hose to the required length, and cuts back to the center of the collar, as the fitting will provide that additional length.



Projectile Cleaning

Shooting projectile through hoseThe hose gets cut on a chop saw and immediately after has a projectile shot through it. The purpose of the projectile is to clean any debris that may have entered into the hose due to the chop saw. After this, the hose is considered to be “ultra clean.”



Fitting Identification and Insertion

The proper fittings must be identified. Once identified, lubricants are applied to the threads of the fitting insert. Applying lubricant allows the fitting to be inserted easily and evenly, without marring or damaging the inner liner of the hose. The fitting should start to thread in easily.



Finishing the Hose

threading a fitting with machineThen, a high-torque machine is used to thread in the insert the rest of the way. The same procedure will be performed on the other end of the hose, with the other fitting.



Person holding finished hydraulic hose assemblyNow you have a hydraulic hose assembly ready to go on your construction vehicle, injection molding system or any number of other applications. If you need a hose assembly made on the spot, stop into any of our Express Hose Centers. We’d be happy to help!