Hydraulic Hose Repair

hose collar on a hoseIn past posts, we’ve made it very clear that when there is a hydraulic hose failure in your operation, you should replace it, NOT repair it. However, the industry vocabulary still favors this search. Many people still use the term “hydraulic hose repair.” And in some special cases, we can salvage a hose with damaged ends, it is always unsafe to repair a damaged hose.

Hydraulic hoses usually fail due to one of two reasons: incompatible parts/accessories or improper environment. Incompatible parts can include bent hoses, fluid incompatibility and improper assembly. Improper environment can include high temperatures, poor routing, erosion, bent hoses near fittings, fluid incompatibility and improper assembly. Hydraulic hose failure occurs rather quickly most times, but there are signs leading up to the failure that routine maintenance checks can address.

Regular maintenance checks will also save significant time and money, because when a failure occurs, the system is shut down until a new hose can be created and installed.

Hydraulic hoses are our specialty and they make things work. They move fluid to create the power to move components within a system. They are powerful and can easily cause damage and harm if not created and handled properly. Stay on the side of caution and always get your hoses created by a reputable and established supplier.