Locomotive Fuel Filtration Application Explained

Improved Reliability Through Cleaner Fuel: 

The Power Drives (PDI) /Schroeder Fuel Filtration Solution

The driving force in Diesel Fuel Filtration are the requirements that Tier 3 and 4 engines will need to meet to lower particulate entrainment levels, as well as reduced tolerance for entrained water. Non Tier 4 locomotives will also benefit by removing particulates that cause wear and tear and malfunctions of critical components, enhancing the life of the locomotive.

Three Key Characteristics of any Filter 

  • Dirt Holding Capacity:  Amount of debris the elements can hold.  This dictates service life of the elements between change-outs.
  • Efficiency:  How effective is the element at removing particulate (ISO Code 4406 looks at three specific particle size ranges < 4 micron, < 6 micron and < 14 micron)
  • Pressure Drop:  Amount of resistance in PSI the fuel must overcome to travel through the element.  Lower pressure drops equal improved fuel flow
The Power Drives / Schroeder Solution includes an optimized design to provide the best of all three characteristics. 
PDI Global Accounts Manager Eric Knechtel with the new locomotive fuel filtration
system developed between Power Drives and Schroeder Industries.

Advantages of the Power Drives / Schroeder Fuel Filtration Elements 

  • A fully synthetic design with dual layered media.
  • Increases Dirt Holding capacity by 242% vs. OEM filter
  • Efficiency 99.98% of particle @ 4 micron or greater
  • Clean Pressure Drop reduced by more than 50%
  • Doubles the life between change-outs
  • Over 50% reduction in maintenance installation time
  • Improved cleanliness per ISO code, which exceeds Tier 4 locomotive requirements
  • Lower maintenance costs and better performance
  • Twice the service life with low ΔP

Physical Enhancements of the Fuel Filtration Elements

  • Includes improved end cap design and handle
  • More robust end cap prevents deformation
  • Allows element to sit flush and seal properly
  • Corrects common misalignment problems

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