PDI Products at Work

At PDI, we truly believe that we succeed when our customers succeed, and we pride ourselves on being a true partner for them. We strive to understand their business so we can create the best solutions possible. Creating solutions happens both from and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as well as an MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) perspective.

The majority of solutions we create in our Express Hose Centers are MRO-based. We wanted to share some of our recent store projects to provide some insight and showcase the breadth of what we offer our customers in this capacity.

Dump truck hose assemblies and adapters

Dump truck hose assemblies and adapters

Our first example comes from a customer who builds dump trucks from scratch. This customer equips all trucks with hose assemblies and adapters from PDI. They trust our store and experienced technicians to supply what they need for their projects.






leaking hydraulic hose on floor

Damaged “before” hose

Our next example is a before and after from a local utility contractor. This contractor brought in a damaged hydraulic hose assembly with one end torn off. It had been connected to a 1″ tube with a 160 degree bend and an ORS female connection.  In order to create a fast, safe and effective solution, we cut the tube end off and reconnected to a new hose using the Aeroquip Versil Flare nut, ferrule and a 2027-6-6S adapter.






tube assembly held by person

“After” tube assembly










track loader with new hose

Track loader with new hose


An example from this summer is when a local landscaping company blew a track loader hose on a job. They immediately brought the unit to our store so we could identify and supply replacement hose. We supplied them with the tools needed to remove and replace the hose within minutes, checked their fluids and got them back on the job ASAP.






tube with valve

“Before” (cracked) tubing

Another before and after comes from a customer who works in oil and gas compression services. They were having vibration issues which caused cracking in some tubing. They brought in the 3/4″ cracked tubing, and we made a Teflon braided hose to absorb some of the vibration connecting with a tube compression fitting.

tubing with Teflon hose and valve

“After” Teflon hose solution


DOT air brake module

DOT air brake module

The corresponding picture for this example is of an air brake module that was brought in from a highway department. The person who brought it in requested that we identify and provide duplicate DOT, push-to-connect fittings. The fittings are a variety of straights and elbows for 1/2, 3/8 and 1/4″ tube, in addition to brass tees to connect everything.




So there you have it. Whether a standard job, or something a little outside of the box, call on us for your fluid transference and treatment needs. We hope to see you soon!