Railway Interchange 2015 — Right Around the Track

Railway Interchange 2015 is just days away. It’s the best place to hear and see the latest technology, trends and research for the Rail industry.  And it’s a great way to connect with people around the world. Join us October 4 – 7 at the Minneapolis Convention Center for this important rail event.   

Power Drives is proud to be an exhibitor of the PowerHouse™ Idle Reduction Technology that ELIMINATES locomotive engine idling. We’ll also feature two new products to help emissions standards for all Tier locomotives. We hope you join us to learn more.

 Join Us at the 2015 Railway Interchange — Booth # 3237
We invite you to visit us next week at the 2015 Railway Interchange to view the latest technology in fuel savings and emissions standards for all Tier locomotives.
  • The PowerHouse™ significantly decreases the fuel wasted through idling, allowing for increased fuel savings and reduced noise and emissions.
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  • New locomotive fuel filtration system that can double the life between filter change-outs.
  • New fuel line heater kit for all-weather protection

Stop by and talk to us about your
rail requirements.  

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