Repair Compressor Hose

A black roll and a blue roll of pneumatic hoses with brass fittingsAir compressor hoses are very common. Unfortunately, their damage is also fairly common. Damage can result from one of many causes, including restriction of hose, hoses being too small, improper air treatment, overextending the bend, tube erosion, heat aging and abrasion.

Compressed air hose are pneumatic hoses within a compressed air system. They provide the method of conveyance for air to move to other parts of the system. Compressed air hoses are often polyurethane, which is flexible and strong, as well as kink resistant. This is advantageous when working with high pressure air. They are lightweight for ease of transportation and minimizing operator effort.

When an air compressor hose becomes damaged and needs to be replaced, the best way to go is to simply buy a new one. Unless the damage is by a fitting and the hose can be shortened, the hose should be replaced completely. The issue with trying to repair any hose otherwise is that the structural integrity has been compromised. There is no use trying to patch the hose. Doing so can be quite dangerous. And when in doubt, always go to a professional to get a new compressor hose. That’s the best way to go.

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