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Partnering with Jefferson Solenoid Valves, Power Drives now provides a complete line of high quality solenoid valves and level controls.  

Jefferson's current catalog of standard products includes over 3,000 models between solenoid valves and magnetic level switches which satisfy different needs and industrial requirements to control the most diverse liquids and gases.


  • These are used for automation, for the security of combustion equipment for boilers, furnaces, etc., and for the oil and petrochemical industries.


  • Strainers must be used wherever it is essential that the fluid flowing through pipe lines be maintained free of foreign solid matter, to assure the correct operation of the solenoid valve.


  • Used for refrigerating fluids in their different aggregation degrees. The connections and construction materials are specific for commercial or industrial refrigeration systems.

Dust Collector  

  • Bulk diesel fuel conditioning & biofuel purification / treatment systems for enhanced stability and production quality

Magnetic Level Switches  

  • The magnetic system eliminates technical problems of other devices, such as blocked stuffing boxes, worn-out diaphragms, corroded electrodes, and besides, it offers the advantage of containing all the mechanical and electrical elements on the same hydrometric column. This arrangement saves time and cost of installation.


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