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Aeroquip is an industry leader in the manufacture of safe, reliable, and cost-effective fluid conveyance products, as well as high-performance racing hose, adapters, tube fittings, and hydraulic quick-disconnect couplings.


  • Rubber and thermoplastic
  • PTFE hose
  • Specialty Hose
    • Fabric-braid
    • Spiral wire-reinforced
    • Power steering
    • Shaped

Eaton Aeroquip manufactures crimp and reusable style fittings to attach a flexible hose to a fluid conveying system.

Generally a two-piece construction, crimp fittings grip the hose when the outer component is crimped or swaged.  Reusable fittings usually can be re-attached in the field using common hand tools.

Aeroquip connector products include adapters and tube fittings, which allow hose assemblies to be directly connected to main system components, such as valves, cylinders, filters, pumps, and motors.

Aeroquip’s adapters are manufactured from steel, stainless steel, brass, and aluminum.

Swivel Joints
Aeroquip swivel joints solve installation problems by eliminating the need for compound tubing configurations to accommodate 90° and other angles.

Swivel joints can be directly connected to a hose line, which eliminates the need for additional adapters.

Flexmaster® Joints
Flexmaster®  joints are designed to absorb vibrations, and are ideal for making quick connections and disconnections when assembling or repairing tube and pipe systems.

These joints allow for a +/-4° misalignment between ends and can be used with a variety of seal materials to accommodate various fluids.

They are available in standard and self-restrained models and can be used in systems with temperatures up to 1,200°F.

Disconnect Couplings
Quick disconnect couplings are connecting devices that allow easy and immediate connection and separation of fluid lines.

Aeroquip Quick Disconnect Couplings save time by eliminating system bleeding, recharging, and purging of air whenever an accessory is being replaced.

Aeroquip Disconnect Couplings are available in a variety of models in order to accommodate systems ranging from high-pressure hydraulic, chemical transfer, and air.

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