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Adapt All

Metric & British Fittings & Adapters

Anchor Fluid Power

Hydraulic Ball, Flow, Needle & Check Valves; Welding Couplings; Carbon & Stainless Steel Flanges

Altra Industrial Motion

Warner Electric

Electromagnetic Clutches & Brakes

Warner Linear

Light, General, Rugged & Custom Actuators

TB Woods

Synchronous & Variable Belt Drives; Couplings; Clutches & Brakes; Hydrostatic Speed Variators


Original Line Metric & Multi-Stage Cylinders

Pneumadyne, Inc

Manual & Solenoid Pneumatic Valves; Pneumatic Fittings; Manifolds; Air Nozzles

Mead Fluid Dynamics

Pneumatic Solenoid & Exhaust Valves; Air Cylinders; Air Presses; Manifolds; Silencers; Control Knobs

Electric Motion

Rod, Rodless, Linear Servo & Rack & Pinion Actuators; Motors & Drives (Stepper, Servo, lntellimotor, AC & DC Controllers, DC Drives)

TRD Manufacturing

NFPA Pneumatic & Hydraulic Tie-Rod Cylinders

Aero Associates, Inc.

Pinch Valves & Fluid Control for Medical & Bio Processing

Vaccon Company

Venturi & Dirt Tolerant Vacuum Pumps; Blowers & Air Amplifiers; Vacuum Cups; End-of-Arm Tooling; Industrial Vacuum System Accessories

Brand Hydraulics Co.

Hydraulic Flow Controls; Flow Dividers & Combiners; 4-Way Manual, Solenoid, Selector, Stackable & Relief Valves; Hand Pumps; Electronic Controllers


Cam & Groove; Clamps; Sleeves & Ferrules; Coupling Systems; Engineered Transfer Products; Industrial Fluid Controls; Industrial Barb, Pipe, Welding, Tube & Pneumatic Fittings; Pumps; Valves; Sanitary & Fire Products


Aeroquip Hose & Fittings

Hoses; Fittings; Adapters; Couplings; Fluid Connections

Aeroquip Performance Products

Aeroquip AQP Inner Tube; Hoses; Fittings; Adapters; Couplings; Tooling & Accessories

Synflex Thermoplastic Hose

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Hoses; Air Brake, Diesel Fuel & Food & Beverage Tubing

Flexmaster Joints

Steel Adapters; Quick Disconnect Fittings;Tubes & Pipes; Gaskets

Boston Hose

Air, Water, Chemical, Petroleum & Steel Hoses

Winner Hose

Braided Hoses; Fittings; Valves

Vickers Hydraulic

Cylinders; Servo, Industrial Motor & Screw-In Cartridge Valves; Piston & Vane Motors; Piston Open Circuit, Mobile & Vane Pumps

Char-Lynn Hydraulic Motors

Steering Controls; General Disc Valve, Spool Valve, Spinner & Other High-Performance Motors

Walterscheid Tube Fittings

Metric Hydraulic Tube Fittings & Connectors

Eaton Hansen Quick Disconnects

Quick Disconnect Couplings


Electric Roller Screw Actuators


Hydraulic Quick Release Couplings

IMI Norgren

Pneumatic Tubing, Fittings, Valves, Filters, Regulators & Lubricators


Solenoid Valves; Magnetic Level Switch Models


Industrial Thermoplastic, Rubber & Metal Hose; Couplings & Accessories


    Hydraulic Filters, Strainers & Adapters; Reservoir Accessories; Pressure Gauges; Hose & O-Ring Seal Tube Fittings


    Flex Couplings; Pump & Motor Mounts; Cylinder Rod End Alignment Couplers; Manifolds; Hydraulic Reservoirs & Accessories


    Hydraulic Piston, Vane & Gear Pumps & Motors; Power Take-Offs


    Planetary Gearboxes


    Compressed Air Pipes; Fittings; Couplers


    Reels for Water, Oil, Grease, Cord & Welding; Manual, Spring, Electric & Pneumatic Retraction

    Schroeder Industries

    Hydraulic Lube, Fuel & Process Filtration; Filter Systems


    Power Team

    Heavy-Duty & High-Force Power Pumps, Air Jacks, Torque Wrenches, Bolt Tensioners & Hydraulic Tools.


    Workholding Devices


    Speed Reducers; Paramax Gearboxes; Bevel & Helical Buddyboxes; Hedcon, Beier, Cyclo, Hyponic, Seisa Gear & Motion Control Drives


    Linear Bearing & Shafts; Glide, Lead & Ball Screws; Linear Motion Systems; Actuators; Lifting Columns; Brakes & Precision Balls

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